Float Therapy

FLOAT Boston

We are very proud to have partnered up with FLOAT Boston to bring all the incredible benefits of floating to the disabled veterans of Massachusetts. Together we are lowering the financial barrier that prevents many service connected disabled veterans from trying an alternative therapy that is not covered by the  Veterans Health Administration.

You can also donate to the VAH account through monetary donations as well as donating your time at FLOAT. Info@vahinc.org email us any questions.

Those that sign up for our program  get access to membership rates as well as free floats through our account. Veterans interested in signing up reach us at info@vahinc.org

Canna Care Docs

We have access to a limited number of vouchers for disabled veterans in States with a Medical Cannabis program to get their referrals at CCD at a discounted rate of 50% - 100% off for veterans that are not able to attend the many veteran appreciation events throughout the year across the USA.

Reach us at info@vahinc.org if you are interested in becoming a registered patient

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Click above for me details