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Veterans Referrals

Thanks to the generosity of Cana Care Docs we can help veterans with a Service Connected rating from the Dept.of Veterans Affairs get their referrals with discounts ranging from 

25% - 100% Off. Details below


Veteran Referrals

Med Well  offers 25% off to veterans at 5 locations in MA. Private in-home appointments also available.



For families dealing with addiction and recovery:


How to receive a voucher to Canna Care Docs

Send us an email to info@vahinc.org and include your e-benefits summary of benefits letter. When generating letter all you need to include is your Combined Service-Connected Evaluation. Download your letter at https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/homepage

Veterans Alternative Healing Inc.

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The Medical Use of Marijuana Program

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Let us know what other types of Alternative Healing you would like to learn more about. Together we can provide the help that is currently missing, that will help them find healing with the least amount of toxic pharmaceuticals as possible.

Veterans Helping Veterans

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